ICC World Cup 2023 Points table and Semi Final

India is currently at the top of ICC World Cup 2023 Points table after winning the 7th match against Sri Lanka and making its place to Semi Finals.

India has made its place to the semi finals after beating Sri Lanka by 302 runs in the 7th match. India which is currently hosting the ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 has won all the 7 matches in the tournament and remained unbeaten till now.

ICC World Cup 2023 Points table

As of now top 4 teams leading the points table are India, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. India has won all the 7 matches and currently leading the points table on the no. 1 Position.

The below table shows the ranking and net run rate and positions of all the teams in the World Cup 2023:

2SOUTH AFRICA76100122.290
4NEW ZEALAND7430080.484
7SRI LANKA725004-1.162
ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 Points table updated

As you can see from the above table the top teams performing there best in World Cup to win the title of 2023. India is unbeaten till now and is on the top of the table with a net run rate of 2.102 and on the 2nd place South Africa is there with 6 out of 7 matches won with a run rate of 2.290 and on the 3rd place it is Australia 4 matches won and 2 lost out of 6 matches. The 4th place is taken by the New Zealand team with 4 matches won and 3 matches lost.

ICC World Cup 2023 Points table and Semi Final
ICC World Cup 2023 Points table and Semi Final

According to points also India is at the 1st Rank with 14 points in total and South Africa on the 2nd place with 12 points, 3rd place is held by Australia with 8 points and 4th ranking is held by New Zealand with 8 points as there net run rate is less than Australia and also they have lost more matches than Australia. Similarly you can observe the table above to see the rankings and points of a team in the World Cup 2023.

As the matches will be progressed the Points table will be updates on the daily basis.

ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 Semi Final

The Semi Final matches are decided on the basis that top 4 teams on the points table will reach the semi finals and as of today India has qualified for the semi final after winning all the matches. There are most probable chances that South Africa will also qualify for the Semi Final. Other contenders for the qualification of semi final are Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Bangladesh, Netherlands and England have the least chances to qualify for the semi final as these teams are not performing well and on an average each team have lost 5 matches till now so according to the stats above they have less chances to qualify.

Semi Final Schedule

According to the stats South Africa needs to win at least 1 match out of there 2 remaining matches and get 14+ points to qualify, Australia needs to win all three matches with 14+ points or 2 matches with a better net run rate to qualify, New Zealand needs to win both of there matches to qualify for semi finals, and Pakistan also needs to win both of there matches to qualify for semi final.

For schedule you can visit the official website of ICC World Cup.

The first semi finals will be held on 15th November in Mumbai and 2nd semi final will be held on 16th November in Kolkata at 2:00 PM IST.

India Vs. South Africa15th November2:00 PM IST
New Zealand Vs. Australia16th November 2:00 PM IST
ICC World Cup Semi Final Schedule

The above table is a prediction of the semi final schedule according to the stats and performance of the teams. The actual Schedule will be updated after the Knockout stages are finished and top 4 teams on the points table are decided and the schedule will be updated here so keep visiting this website.

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