Elvish Yadav Bigg Boss OTT Winner accused for Hosting Rave Party in Noida

Today UP Police has arrested 6 peoples involving in hosting rave party in Noida and Elvish Yadav is also accused in the case of Rave Party. The party was hosted in Sector 51, Noida on Thursday.

Reports says that foreign girls were also invited to the party and use of snake venom was also there are the party. Along with Elvish Yadav and five others were named in the FIR. 5 persons have been arrested in the case but Elvish Yadav is not yet arrested.

Elvish Yadav Statement

After the news came in headlines Elvish Yadav Posted a video on Instagram and said that the claims are false and he is ready to cooperate with UP Police in the investigation. He also said the Snake video which is going viral on the internet is an old music video which was shot 6 months ago and it is not related to any kind of rave party or supplying of Snake venom.

Noida Rave Party Details

The rave party was orgainized in Noida sector 51 on Thursday and police have found snake venom, 5 Cobra Snakes, 1 python, 2 long tailed snake, one horsetail snake from the party site. When police investigated the arrested persons they said that the involvement of Bigg Boss OTT winner Elvish Yadav is there.

The FIR was registered by PFA NGO whose owner is Menka Gandhi, and after the FIR was registered 5 people were arrested after raiding 49 places in Noida. After that Menaka Gandhi said that Elvish Yadav must also be arrested and after investigation the arrested persons said that they supplied snake venom in Elvish Yadav’s parties. These were the arrested persons in the case Rahul, Titunath, Jayakaran, Narayan, Ravinath.

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But Elvish Yadav denies these claims in video posted by him on Instagram and he is ready to cooperate with UP Police in the case and all the claims are false.

The below video shows Elvish Yadav holding a snake and he is with a girl and trying ti kiss the snake, but he said that it was a music video and not to believe on what the news is surfacing around.

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