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NCBI Home Page (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

Nucleotides sequence database, Proteins structural database.

NCBI's Entrez-PubMed

Search engine provides access to journal article abstracts, with options to order full article.

The RCSB Protein DataBase.

Protein and Structural Database, In this site we can visualise 3D structure of proteins..

DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ)

Sequence database specific to DNA

GenomeNet Japan 

Provides links to several databases for sequence information retrieval.

Protein Information Resource Home Page

Protein sequence alignment programs.

EBI Home Page (European Bioinformatics Institute)

Sequence Database for nucleotides, proteins and structures.

Web of Science

Search engine that provides access to journal article abstracts.


GenBank at the National Center of Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, Washington, DC

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

DNA DataBank of Japan (DDBJ) at Mishima, Japan

The SwissProt protein sequence database at ISREC, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research in Epalinges/Lausanne

The Sequence Retrieval System (SRS) at the European Bioinformatics Institute allows both simple and complex concurrent searches of one or more sequence databases.

Protein International Resource (PIR) database at the National Biomedical Research Foundation in Washington, DC

GenBank Latest Release Information


Phylogenetics databases

Tree of life

A collaborative Internet project containing 
information about phylogeny and biodiversity

Phylogenetic tree prediction

Sequence Multiple Alignment Programme.

Tree Gen

Tree Generation from Distance data.


Phylogeny Programmes.


Tree drawing software for Windows


Phylogenetic Tree Drawing

Fast DNAml

construction of phylogenetic trees of DNA sequences using maximum likelihood


Rapid reconstruction of phylogenies by the Neighbor-Joining method.

NCBI Taxonomy Home page

Provides direct links to some of the organism used in Molecular research project. 


Biodiversity Databases


Species 2000

Project to enumerate all known species, European site.

Literature databases



Use PubMed to search journals and other literature on any biological or chemical item of interest. Full articles are not provided in this database, only citations and abstracts are available to view.


Use NCBI to get textural information and references to human genes and genetic disorders. It also has links to MEDLINE and other NCBI resources.




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