Summary of the progress made by the centre from its inception

The center was started in 2001 and during the last four years necessary facilities like UPS, servers, computers, leased line connectivity etc were established. Also acquired different software for sequence analysis, molecular marker data analysis and linkage mapping analysis etc. This center has conducted six training programs on various topics related to bioinformatics and information technology with specific reference to Plantation crops. A brainstorming session was conducted on Database for the management of genetic resource on horticultural crops. Developed website of the center http: and hosted in the center's webserver. Developed fourteen databases covering different aspects of mandate crops dealt by the institute. These databases were made online accessible through the website. Twelve students did their project work under studentship program and seven were trained on different aspects of bioinformatics applications as part of traineeship program.

Major research activities in Biotechnology and its related fields at institution

a. Molecular markers based characterization of conserved coconut gerplasm in national gene bank and selected farmer's varieties in the IPGRI/COGENT poverty reduction site in India.

b. Development of Molecular markers to fingerprint coconut accessions.

c. Molecular studies for tagging root (wilt) resistance genes in coconut.

d. Tissue culture for rapid multiplication of elite genotypes and basic studies in coconut

e. Tissue culture for rapid multiplication of elite genotypes and basic studies in oil palm

f. In vitro Multiplication of Coconut and Arecanut

Area of Specialization of the centre

Bioinformatics applications in plantation crops (coconut, arecanut and cocoa)

Major activities of the centre during the year 2001-07

During the period the center has developed web enabled databases on Institute mandate crops (coconut, arecanut and cocoa) germplasm, Coconut culitvar identification, Coconut diseases, Vegetable oil, Microbial Information System, pest management, Mining EST Libraries for Molecular Markers in Cacao & Oil Palm (MEMCO), Coconut microsatellite database, Phytoplasma database and bibliographic literature database for mandate crops. These databases are IP restricted and accessible at the website During this period the center has conducted ten training programmes in the area of bioinformatics and biotechnology.Twelve bioinformatics students completed their studentship project. Seven person was given six months training under traineeship. This centre has conducted XVII th Annual Coordinators meeting on 3nd Feb,2006.

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